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How We Can Help


We review your organization's operation, processes, team dynamics, and human resource strategies to create a baseline for where you're at today and identify areas for continuous improvement.


We give you specific tools, training, and recommendations to help your team align around common goals and keep everyone headed in the same direction toward a shared vision.


We provide ongoing support and accountability to make sure the goals and vision created throughout the process will remain a top priority. Our role is to keep your team on track to achieve the desired results. 

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Removing Barriers to Growth

As a business owner, you're juggling multiple priorities and putting out fires at all times. Sales, production, logistics, facilities management, human resources, customer relationships, and many other tasks cross your desk on any given day. And making time to work on your company culture is not only difficult, but sometimes ineffective if you're too close to the issues. Our team can help identify growth areas, create a plan that removes problems, and keep you accountable as you move forward. Everything from the big picture strategic planning and culture development to the day-to-day human resources processes and training. We exist to help you remove barriers that will keep you from growing and meeting your team's potential!

Who We Help

We work with a wide variety of organizations, from small businesses and nonprofit organizations to growing companies and large corporations. Whether your team has 4 people or 400 people, our experienced coaches and consultants can help you set yourself up for growth and build a culture you can be proud of.

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Startups &

Small Businesses


Growing Corporations


Nonprofit Organizations

Who We Help

Our Mission

To contribute to the growth and success of your organization or business, from the roots to the branches.

Our Values

  • Responsive

  • Enthusiastic

  • Determined

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  • Optimistic

  • Authentic

  • Knowledgeable 

Ways We Can Help

  • Employee Development Programs

  • Leadership Training

  • Developing Processes and Procedures

  • Strategic & Succession Planning

  • Individual & Team Coaching

  • Recruiting & Hiring

  • Project Management & Consulting

  • Retreat Facilitation

  • Public Speaking & More

Our Story

Part of Your Team

The best part about working with one of our experts at Red Oak Consulting is that we aren't just going to swoop in, make recommendations, and then leave you with a long to-do list and no support. We work side-by-side with our clients to not only identify growth areas, but then develop solutions and assist you with implementation and problem solving along the way. As we work through the initial set of goals, we often identify new ones and begin working on those as well. Sure, Red Oak Consultants can tackle a project here and there, but our ideal relationship is one where we get to influence long term, lasting success in your team. 

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About Us

Our Team

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Cathy Domsch

Cathy enjoys inspiring people to action and uses her intuition to evaluate and assess ideas or plans. She creates an environment where people are expected to push through obstacles to get results.

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Gina Riedel

Gina finds her passion inspiring people to be the best version of themselves by building better relationships, and learning leadership practices that help them collaborate with others to get significant results.


Nathan Hrnicek

Nathan Hrnicek has spent the majority of his career working with various sales and consulting firms across the country. Throughout his time he has helped develop leaders through one-on-one coaching. He has worked both in the trenches with people he has coached as well as virtually. Nathan also has a passion for helping organizations succeed by helping them reflect on where they have been, what brought them to their current state, and establishing a future vision. Additionally, within that future vision, he enjoys collaborating on removing obstacles to accelerate the path towards increased success.

Bio Coming Soon

Business Resources

Ruth Bus Pic 4_edited.jpg

Having recruited for jobs in Western Kansas for many years, Ruth understands the challenges of creating a culture to “grow your own”,  attract talent, and retain talent. “Effective recruitment strategies continue to change as the labor pool changes, human resources managers must be creative in attracting candidates that fit the organization.”

Dallas Haselhorst Headshot Edited_edited

Dallas Haselhorst is a cybersecurity expert, researcher, and entrepreneur. He has consulted in numerous industries all over the world. Much of his career was spent starting and growing an IT service company until its acquisition in 2016. He then founded TreeTop Security, whose primary focus is improving the cybersecurity posture of small businesses.

Dallas Haselhorst

Ruth Bealer 

Rachel Mawhirter Photo 2018.jpg

Rachel Mawhirter is an energetic and creative brand management and communications professional from Great Bend, Kansas who owns and operates a design and brand management firm known as Marketing Maven Consulting. In addition to serving as an outsourced marketing department for growing companies that need their expertise and talents, the Marketing Maven team also offers websites, video production, photography, and graphic design for clients all over the Midwest.

Rachel Mawhirter

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Let's Get Started

We're here to help you grow and strengthen your business or organization.

Contact us today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation so we can learn more about your challenges and begin offering solutions.

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